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Exclusive top -quality products for nail design . These gels are ULTRA DURABLE .

Since 2009, we have been bringing great products to the european market. The revolutionary products quality for nail design based on over 20 years of know -how leading laboratory equipped with the latest production technology , which emphasizes the quality and safety of our products . The latest technology and knowledge are transformed in our PRESTIGE LINE

Let us introduce you our Prestige line

The specialty of these gels is an ultra long  life and extreme flexibility for all the nail types . Nails will remain their natural look, but will stay strong and flexible .

PRESTIGE line gels are

• hypo - allergenic

• acid-free and hazardous substances

• Excellent adhesion - not leak into the nail bed , making the modellation fast and easy, and therefore more cost effective

• extra suitable for problematic  nails

• great consistency for use with nail forms

• Each product owns  microbiological and toxicological EU directives and EU safety certificate

• Line is suitable for beginners and experienced professionals

• highest quality components to prevent yellowing - Anti Yellow Agent

• colourfast gels without the need of  mixing before application

• Perfect for use as a colour gels painting colour for One Stroke technique

• trendy colours- lots of them!

• combinable with acrylic system

Nail design for  professionals

Uv gels of PRESTIGE line are designed to provide maximum comfort for the nail technician  as well as their customer . Made from the finest materials available on the market , acid , formaldehyde and hazardous substances free - which are also suitable for people with allergies .

Significant reduction of  modelling time .

Become  excellent nail designers

Texture and molecular composition is designed to facilitate the modelling novice nail designers . The gel has a unique texture  while it maintains the  extreme bonding strength .  Its consistency prevents the gel from leaking into the nail is self leveling which will make the work with the gel  easier and faster.

Open the door to your creativity

The molecular structure of UV gels from PRESTIGE LINE are designed to withstand the combination of gel + acrylic. you have a few options here. use gel first, then acrylics for the nail art and fix it with gel, or model the nail with acrylic system, then use one stroke colour gel, and fix it with either acrylic system or the finishing gel. It is up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Endless options to choose from, and sooo many beautiful colours.